2021 Summary

2021 was another successful year in spite of the ongoing pandemic. We couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you for your continued support!

Back to School Events

Lowery Elementary in Donaldsonville, LA received 10 girls’ and 10 boys’ uniforms. 50 book bags along with $180 worth of school supplies were donated to Pine Manor United Way House in Fort Myers, FL. 100 book bags were provided to Barrow County Connections in Schools in Winder, GA.

PADV Thanksgiving Events

MSF held its annual Thanksgiving events for PADV on November the 20th. 120 meals were delivered to both shelters. The dinner consisted of turkey, broccoli casserole, cabbage, cornbread dressing and sweet potato soufflé for dessert along with drinks. A Vegan version of the menu was also included this year. Lantern’s Way (formerly Precious Purses of Power) provided 50 bags of toiletries to the women.  The bags contained soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, chap stick, masks, deodorant, wash cloths, facial tissue, lotion, and sanitary napkins as well as 2022 weekly planners and inspirational word puzzles from MSF.

2021 Holiday Giving

MSF sponsored 7 families this year in GA, FL & LA. Community members, Tamberlaine W. and Angela D., received Christmas packages.

Family 1

Crystal: Boots, earrings, coat, bath & body works and peppermints
Chrisianna: Boots, perfume/bath kit, coat, clothes, bracelets, necklaces watch and earrings
Alex: Shoes, coat, cologne/body deodorant kit, underwear and socks
Kathreen: Coat, blender and earrings

Family 2

Marlene: Bike w/lock, coat, wig, perfume, journal w/pens, bath bombs, Epson salt & soap, watch, bracelet and earrings
Travion: Coat, dresses, clothes, Barbie doll w/clothes and Lol Doll w/surprises
Trevon: PS2, 2 wireless controllers and a coat
Janice: Bible w/bible cover, coat slippers and Adult Incontinence Undergarments
Charles: Jacket, clippers, jogging suits and watch

Family 3

Shameka: Boots, flat iron, lotions & body scents and perfume
Jaderrick: Sweat suits, slides, knit caps, hoodie and throw
Mi’Tecya: Gaming chair, gaming headset, cosmetology mannequin head and bath & body works
Jaiden: Coat, gaming headset, wireless mouse, watch and puzzle

Family 4

Anadeli: Pots/pan set, blender, garden tools and gloves and plant seeds
Jose: Jacket, shoes, clippers and sunglasses
Ronald: Jacket, clothes, Black Ops 2 and soccerball
Yeison: Clothes, Lego collections, Anime figures and Nerf gun
Juan: Clothes, jacket, pull back cars, Spiderman action figure, learning toys, blankets, blocks, Pampers and wipes,
Odilia: Clothes, jacket, toys, learning toys, blanket, spin & slide, baby ring, diapers & wipes

Family 5

Cindy: Shoes, purse, Makeup/foundation/eyeliner/eye shadow and $160 worth of groceries
Stephen: Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance, remote control car and airbrush paint
Laila: Bike w/helmet & knee pads, clothes, children’s makeup, doll, Legos and purses

Family 6

Kiara: Robe, slippers, throw, scented candle and books
Damien: Boots, gaming headset, wireless Xbox controller and Nerf gun
Kori: Princess & the Frog dress w/accessories, dolls, plush rabbit and purse

Family 7

Lea: Massage gun, exercise hoola hoop, room décor and art statue
Jahsir: Shang-Chi 10 rings, solar robot, remote control car and football

Louisiana Gift Wrapping Party

Florida Gift Wrapping Party

Georgia Gift Wrapping Party