2011 Summary

2011 Holiday Giving Review

Thank you to everyone who helped bring Christmas to the two families sponsored for 2011. We look forward to sponsoring more families in the future with your help and support. A list of items given to the families, along with photos of the presents, are shown below.

MSF was also able to sponsor 7 ladies in the community, providing them with combination gifts of cash and packages totaling $70 each. The two male community members sponsored received $50 each.

Family One:

NaShea B. neshea


Dress Shoes

Sports Hoodie

Christmas Dinner

Michael B. michael



Remote Control Car with batteries

PSP Handheld Game Console

PSP Case

Various PSP Games


2 Rocket Launchers

Briley B. briley

Barbie Doll

Baby Doll

Make Up Kit

Jewelry Making Kit


Dora the Explorer Purse

Dora the Explore Lip Gloss/Necklace Set

Tyana W. tyana

4 pairs of pants

3 shirts

Christmas foot covers

1 pair of gloves

Rock Band Jewelry Design

Matilda Book

Family Two:

Juanita J. juanita

90″x90″ Brown Fleece Blanket

Christmas Dinner


Dress Skirt Suit

Various Donated Clothing

Katie M. katie




Touch Screen MP3 Player

MP3 Player Docking Station

Christmas Rubics Cube

Christmas Memo Cube


Christmas Socks

Digital Camera

Fancy Nail Set

Candy Jar Snowman


$60 Ross Gift Card

Coin Purse

Robert M. robert

Next Bike

Boom Paddle Set



Transformers Dark of the Moon DVD

I Am Number Four Book

iPod Ear Buds

Samantha M. samantha

Black Boots

Justin Bieber Charm Bracelet

Justin Bieber Watch

Justin Bieber Sleeper Shirt


Christmas Foot Covers

Bohemian Bracelet Maker

The Penderwicks Book

Jessica M. jessica

Sand Art


Christmas Foot Covers

Necklace, Earrings & Hair Accessory Set

The Witches Book

1 Pair of Skinny Jeans

Route 66 Shirt

Brown Boots

As a group, Katie, Robert, Samantha, and Jessica received Just Dance 3 so they can share and play together!group-gift


Thank You Notes from Community Members

Gloria P.

You just don’t understand how grateful I am to receive a package, especially from someone I never met. You were like my Secret Santa. Since I’ve been in prison, I haven’t been fortunate to receive food packages and I’ve been in prison going on three years. For this I simply want to say thank you for supporting me and for finding such a generous spirit within you, to bless strangers. For this too, you will be blessed 100 fold.



Thank you from the bottom of my heart – Thank you!



I was so happy when I received my package! God bless you all.



I received my package and money and am very thankful for both. I have been abundantly blessed this Christmas, more than I ever have been since my incarceration. Again, I thank you and the Myles-Singleton Foundation. God bless you all and Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy Prosperous New Year.



Thank you very much for your gift. Your generosity is very much appreciated. Thanks again for thinking of me at this time of year. Take care. I hope you have a blessed Christmas and a blessed New Year.