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The Myles Singleton Foundation was established in 2010 to help low-income families by supporting social and educational projects. It was founded by Shannon Singleton and inspired by her volunteer work. Since she attributes her giving heart to her mother, she used her mother’s maiden name as the start of the foundation’s name. Shannon is one of ten siblings who were raised by a single mother in a low-income family. They struggled daily to afford the basics. They rarely had new clothes, shoes, or other necessities their classmates’ parents were able to afford. Christmas and birthday presents were nonexistent. Having experienced these tough times, Shannon knows firsthand the struggles low-income families face on a daily basis.

Through all of the tough times, Shannon never lost hope of having a better future. She promised herself that if she ever became successful, she would use her skills to help as many people as she could. As part of keeping her word, she became a distribution volunteer for Barrow County’s Holiday Connection. As she helped the parents, grandparents, and guardians navigate the warehouse, she witnessed the depth of their love for the children in their care. Meeting so many wanting to provide for their children but not having the means reminded her of her own upbringing. Shannon decided to take her support further by sponsoring a family. She enlisted her sister Deon to help her and together they spread their helping spirits to co-workers, family members and as many friends as possible. The response to help was overwhelming and so was the feeling of fullness in their hearts!

Shannon’s passion to help those in need was so strong that she decided to create her own foundation. What began as a way to brighten lives during the holidays is now an organization that supports a number of social and educational programs. Shannon’s enthusiasm is hard to resist—she has recruited family and friends to become permanent MSF Members and convinced many of her co-workers to volunteer each year for our various programs. We all share her passionate belief that today’s help builds hope for a brighter tomorrow, and that together we can help the next generation succeed as we have.

MSF’s hard work combined with Shannon’s leadership, and the support of our communities have helped us to maintain all of our initiatives through the pandemic. In 2020, our Holiday Giving program sponsored families in Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, and South Carolina—26 individuals total, along with 3 community members. That brought our total helped for Christmas over the past eleven years to 300 people! We’ve provided Thanksgiving meals to families residing in PADV shelters since 2013. Our focus on education has resulted in anti-bullying events in Georgia and Louisiana beginning in 2015, supplying 716 bookbags in Louisiana and Georgia since 2013, and giving 1500 care packages and approximately $2,100 worth of school supplies to students in Georgia, Louisiana and Florida since 2014. We are lucky to have a community filled with so many caring individuals, and we hope to continue our mission with their support in the years to come.

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If you would like to volunteer your time, or have gently used clothing, toys, or housewares you are interested in donating, please email (mylesfoundation@gmail.com) us with your contact information and best time to contact you. For monetary donations, you can Zelle using the foundation’s e-mail address, click on the “Donate” button at the top of this page or make your check payable to Myles Singleton Foundation and mail it to P.O. Box 1418 – Winder, GA 30680. Thank you.

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