Barrow County Family Connection Back to School Bash


Barrow County ConnectionBarrow County Family Connection held their annual Back to School Bash on Saturday, 7/21/18. MSF continued to supply its annual commitment of 100 book bags for the event.




Mark at Back to School Bash

Another dedicated yearly participant, Mark Wingfield (Mark & Company Barbershop), cuts hair for free during the event. Mark was born and raised in Winder. Mark’s shop is located at 37 E Athens St. in Winder, GA. When asked why do you participate in the event he laughingly said “It’s the least I can do to give back to the community since I was such a terror growing up!” Mark also stated “I commend everyone who puts the Back to School Bash together every year. I am just a small part of such a big event. I look forward to participating for years to come!” MSF appreciates Mark’s support and looks forward to future endeavors with him.




MSF also gave away 150 care packages filled with inspirational quotes, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, deodorant and feminine products and 300 anti-bullying packages that included a cyber-bullying brochure, inspirational quote, anti-bullying or inspirational bracelet and a blow pop.


Boys at Back to School Bash

L-R: Khalil, Ty, Jerry Jr., Darien, Kameron & Kevin Jr.

MSF thanks our staff members and volunteers for making this a successful event!!


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