LA Anti-Bullying Sno Ball Party

Sno Balls

On Friday, May 18th, the Myles Singleton Foundation sponsored an event at Lowery Elementary School for all the third through fifth grade students. Students received sno balls during their recess time to enjoy with their class and teachers to reward them for their hard work in tackling bullying this year. In addition, over 40 stuffed animals were donated by the Myles Singleton Foundation to raffle off to students as an additional reward for the students’ efforts to end bullying. The Myles Singleton Foundation has played an integral role in helping to educate our students on bullying, its effects, and the importance of reporting bullying. Students have made great efforts this year to decrease the amount of bullying and improve the climate and culture of the school. We look forward to more collaboration with the Myles Singleton Foundation in the future to continue to educate and grow our students!

Ashley Churbock, Ed.S, LPC
School Counselor | Lowery Elementary School


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