PADV Thanksgiving Events

2017 PADV 5MSF held its annual Thanksgiving events for Partners Against Domestic Violence (PADV) on November the 4th and 11th. PADV is a battered women’s shelter in the metro Atlanta area.





The foundation served turkey with gravy, mashed potatoes, snap beans, corn bread muffins, 7-layer salad and brownies and ice cream.

This year, the organization partnered with inspirational speaker Robyn Robbins. Robyn’s presentation, “Transforming Negative Experiences”, was a big hit with the parents. She shared strategies and insights that she used to transform negative experiences and personal tragedies that once held her life hostage through the inspirational art of storytelling. She also walked them through creating vision boards for their goals.

MSF Executive Director, Shannon Singleton, talks about the event. “Robyn was amazing! Her message was powerful and inspirational. She captured her audience with her strong spirit and vivid storytelling. Her presentation coupled with the vision boards empowered the audience to actively pursue their goals! I am so glad the Myles Singleton Foundation had a chance to partner with Robyn. We look forward to working with her in the future!”


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