Cyber Bullying Interview 3: Paul Sampson

Anti-Bullying Pic

This was MSF’s first time presenting an anti-bullying message to Lowery Middle School. The foundation wanted to reach middle school students because it knows how crucial the middle school years can be for children. We asked Mr. Paul Sampson, Assistant Principle of Lowery Middle School, a few questions about the event.

MSF: What impact do you think the presentation had on the students and staff?

Mr. Sampson: It opened eyes. Its been my experience students do not realize the seriousness of what they say/post on the internet. Your presentation and personal stories really brought it home to them.

MSF: What can parents do to help eliminate bullying?

Mr. Sampson: Talk to their children. About their experiences growing up if possible. Kids appreciate learning from their parent’s experiences

MSF: What would you like the readers to know or do?

Mr. Sampson: Talk to their children about being empathetic. Empathy is the key to preventing bullying. The ability for kids to put themselves in someone else’s shoes.

MSF looks forward to continuing its work with Lowery Middle to combat bullying!


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