MSF Cyber Bullying Event

Blow Pops.jpg

The children received blow pop bouquets as prizes


     MSF hosted its annual anti-bullying event in Donaldsonville, LA on Thursday, October 26th. The foundation spoke to 5th graders at Lowery Elementary and 6th through 8th graders at Lowery Middle School. This was MSF’s first time speaking to the middle school. The presentation focused on cyber bullying. The students received certificates for them to sign pledging not to bully, cyber bullying pamphlets, anti-bullying wrist bands and bookmarks. The students had opportunities to win prizes for answering cyber bullying questions throughout the event. Several videos were shown including one created by the Loganville Middle School Under Covering Bullying Officer’s (UBO) club in Loganville, GA.

     Executive Director of MSF, Shannon Singleton, said, “I really appreciate everyone who helped to make this happen. This was a crucial event that touched hundreds of students in different states across various grade levels. Our GA and LA MSF staff members paid their own way to travel and/or took personal time off from their jobs to attend. We had a first-time MSF volunteer, Marianne Henson, who also traveled from Georgia for the presentation. Office Max in Loganville, GA and Office Depot in Gonzales, LA helped sponsor the event by printing the pamphlets and certificates for free. Bullying is a serious problem in many schools here in America and across the world. Events like these will help to stop bullying.”

     Bullying is a major issue that students face every day. MSF wants to make sure conversations are started to help improve the situation. Over the course of this week, we will post interview articles from school staff members that participated in the event. The interviews will focus on the impact the presentation had in each school. We encourage you to not only read the articles, but to join in the conversation and take action.


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