Cyber Bullying Interview 1: Edward Glauser

Loganville Middle LogoDuring the cyber bullying event, several videos were shown. This included one created by the Loganville Middle School Under Covering Bullying Officer’s (UBO) club in Loganville, GA. The club is unique as it is an anti-bullying club. MSF and the UBO club partnered to create the video. We reached out to the group’s sponsor, Mr. Glauser (school counselor), to talk about making the video.

MSF: Why did the UBO club decide to create the video?

Mr. Glauser: The UBO video has been a wonderful tool to use when I talk to students who have had experiences with bullying behavior and feel alone. I show them the video and they want to join UBO on the spot! The video can also be used to share with other schools so they get excited about starting their own version of a bullying prevention and a peer support group that empowers each member and makes them feel a part of a school family that cares deeply about them.

MSF: What impact did the video have on the UBO members?

Mr. Glauser: The UBO members felt so proud of what the video represented and got excited about seeing their fellow UBO members on the video. They also bring in other students into my office and ask me to show them the video so their friends join UBO.

MSF: Is there anything else you would like the readers to know?

Mr. Glauser: The UBO video totally captures how critically important UBO is to all the members and how it helped so many in our group to feel so much better about themselves, have much higher esteem, and helps them to blossom to more of their fullest potential, since the bullying issue is no longer destabilizing to their functioning. They have become happier people and want to reach out to others who are suffering from bullying experiences and feel isolated. Lastly, working with Shannon Singleton and the Myles Singleton Foundation has been such a boost to the club in so many ways. We are more cohesive and effective as a club due to Shannon’s influence. The club members see her both as a mom figure and a friend, and they feel so at ease with her, that she makes the meetings more fun and nurturing.

MSF would like to especially thank the Walton County School Board, Loganville Middle School and the UBO Club for their partnership!


Click on the link below to watch the video!!!!!!

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