MSF Upcoming Events

Here’s a summary of MSF’s next events!

MSF Anti-Bullying Event

MSF will talk to 5th graders at Lowery Elementary School and 6th – 8th graders at Lowery Middle School in Donaldsonville, Louisiana on October 26, 2017 about cyber bullying. Both school counselors agreed that cyber bullying is a major issue the students are facing this year. Last year, MSF spoke to 3rd – 5th graders about bullying at Lowery Elementary. This year’s focus will be on the 5th graders for the school. MSF hopes to gain support from parents, other relatives and friends of the students at both schools. Please help us to reinforce positive behavior and to stomp out bullying!

What I am Thankful for Dinners

On November 4th and 11th, MSF will host its annual dinner events for Partners Against Domestic Violence (PADV). MSF will cook and serve dinner and have arts and crafts with the children. This year there will be a change in the line up. MSF is excited to have a guest speaker! 

***Make sure to look out for the MSF articles after each event for more details!!!***

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