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MSF has been busy serving our communities! We wanted to get everyone caught up on what the foundation has been up to. 😊

MSF participated in back to school activities in Georgia and Louisiana for the 2017 School Year. MSF gave 100 book bags to Barrow County In Schools for their annual Back to School Bash on July 27, 2017. MSF also attended the event and provided anti-bullying information with blow pops, as well as 150 care packages to students. As usual, Markus Wingfield of Mark & Company Barber Shop cut hair for free. This is the 5th year that MSF has participated in the event.

In Louisiana, MSF had the pleasure of providing school supplies, 200 care packages, and inspirational quotes with blow pops to Donaldonsville High, Lowery Middle, and Lowery Elementary schools. The foundation also gave 32 book bags to students in need at a Baton Rouge apartment complex, and another 30 to a church in White Castle, La.

MSF Blog Update 3

Markus busy cutting hair at the Back to School Bash


Lowery Elementary School reached their goal of reducing bullying in their school! As promised, MSF provided pizza, drinks and cookies on May 19, 2017. The students thoroughly enjoyed the pizza party!

MSF Blog Update 4


On November 5 & 12 of 2016, MSF hosted the 4th annual What I am Thankful For dinner event for PADV shelters. The foundation cooked dinner which included: Turkey Meatballs – BBQ and brown gravy, mac & cheese, spaghetti squash (veggie dish), cabbage, corn bread muffins, stuffing, mini cakes and apple crisp pie and drinks. We also created What I am Thankful For turkeys with the clients and provided a variety of calendars and inspirational books. Entertainment was provided by One Voice One Sound of the New Mercies Christian Church Choir.
MSF Blog Update 5____________________________________________________________________________________________

MSF had the honor of hosting an anti-bullying event at Lowery Elementary in Donaldsonville, LA on October 6, 2016. The organization spoke to 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders about bullying and its effects on the victim and the bully. The foundation gave away anti-bullying bracelets, butterfly pendants, and bookmarks to all students. The students also had chances to win MSF T-shirts for correctly answering anti-bullying trivia questions. MSF challenged the students to reduce bullying by the end of the school year. If they succeed, MSF promised the students a pizza party!


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