Barrow County 2016 Back 2 School Bash

Barrow County 2016 Back 2 School Bash

Barrow County Family Connections held its annual Back 2 School Bash on July 22nd. An astounding 1,500 book bags filled with school supplies were given away! MSF donated 100 book bags for the event. Our resident volunteer barber, Markus Wingfield (Mark & Company), cut hair for free for the 4th consecutive year. This time he had some help from salon owner, Heather Owens.

                                            Markus Wingfield                                        Heather Owens

A No Bullying Campaign was also hosted by MSF. MSF Juniors Deyja Singleton and Ty James manned MSF’s table for the event. The foundation gave away a little over 200 pamphlets, certificates and no bullying bracelets. One pamphlet focused on the victim while the other was geared towards the bully and the bystander. “MSF’s focus is not only to bring an end to bullying by helping the victim, but also the bully. Often times, people bully because of a variety of reasons such as low self-esteem or they themselves are being bullied by someone else. If we can stop bullying at its source, we end bullying before it can start!” stated MSF president, Shannon Singleton. MSF would like to thank everyone who participated in the event.


Ty James & Deyja Singleton 

Mark & Company

37 E Athens St. Winder, GA

(678) 963-0105

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