2015 PADV Thanksgiving Event 1

The 1st of our two Annual PADV Thanksgiving Events was hosted this weekend. Partners Against Domestic Violence (PADV) is an organization that help support women and children that have been victims of domestic violence. One of the main tools of support is shelter for the victims.

Two events are held each year for the shelters. MSF was blessed to again partner with New Mercies Christian Church and Chef Derwin “DJ” Jackson. The evening opened with New Mercies’ singing group, One Voice One Sound. They sang a number of uplifting songs such as Break Every Chain and No Weapon (Formed Against Me Shall Prosper). Following this was the traditional “What I am Thankful For” turkey craft. Everyone made turkeys out of construction paper and then wrote what they were thankful for on the feathers. MSF gave out 2016 planners, inspirational crossword puzzles and books with supportive themes such as patience, motherhood & joy. The excellent meal prepared by Chef Jackson concluded the event. The menu included herb rotisserie chicken, roasted garlic & kale mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, dinner rolls, cinnamon citrus tea and s’mores ice cream sundae! It was so good many people asked for seconds!



Shannon Singleton, MSF Executive Director, participated in the event. “I am still amazed at how God uses us to do his work! The choir was wonderful. They bonded with the women and children between singing songs by giving the children opportunities to sing their own songs and talking with the women. I love how every year the mothers also make their own turkeys. I like to give out the planners because that helps them to start thinking about what they want to do and how to take that next step. The food was superb as usual. I enjoyed watching and participating with everyone talking, laughing, and hugging. It was a perfect evening of good company, good music, and good food!”

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