May 2015 Article

One of the Most Important Jobs Ever!

Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother.
– Lin Yutang, Author


From the moment you were aware of their presence, you wanted the best for them. You wondered if you were eating enough of the right foods, if you were sleeping enough. Would they have all ten fingers and toes?

After they are born, you worry about whether or not you are caring & providing for them correctly. Are you making the right decisions that will lead them to become the young men and women you hope they will be?

Being a mother is not an easy job. You can’t decide to quit or give up whenever times get tough, and it’s a position you will hold for the rest of your life. So why become a mother?

Even though it’s a tough job, being a mother is one of the best and most important jobs a woman could ever have. Nothing can compare to all of the things you experience as a mother. All of the firsts you get to share with them, the joy you feel when you hear them cry for the first time, the excitement of seeing them smile for the first time, and the fun of hearing them laugh for the first time to name a few. As they grow older, you have the unique opportunity to help shape who they are. With your positive support, nurturing, and love, their possibilities are endless. Talk about holding the fate of the world’s future in your hands! Mothers are celebrated in the month of May, but make sure to appreciate and thank all the moms you know year-round because our future depends on them.



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