New Year New You – PADV Event


MSF partnered with Partners Against Domestic Violence (PADV) and Latonia Camp to host the first ever New Year New You event. The women of PADV where able to enjoy an evening of pampering that consisted of a new hair style, makeup and nails.


Dennis M. Clay, owner of Takai Atlanta Hair Salon in Decatur, GA, was gracious enough to host the affair at his salon. Volunteers from around the metro Atlanta area showed up to provide services for the event.


Jinette Gilbert, owner of Djea Natural Hair Spa in Conyers, GA was among them. “I felt it was important to give back and help out where I can. Some of the ladies were anxious in the beginning. Once they got used to being in the salon, they were able to enjoy themselves. I even had a chance to give one of them advice on how to maintain and take care of her hair. The women enjoyed it and were very grateful. It was a great success.”

Makeup Artist Mariah Shegog and Nail Technician Crystal Sims also provided services at the event. MSF’s Executive Director Shannon Singleton and MSF Volunteers Tia Gibson and Jerome Vance provided childcare for the mothers while they received their special treat.

From left: Mariah Shegog, Jinette Gilbert, Crystal “Brownie” Sims


PADV Rep Zaneta Daniels along with LaTonia Camp helped organize the event. Latonia’s assistance was vital in finding a place to host the affair.


MSF was able to ask Latonia a few questions during the event.

From left: Latonia Camp, Angela Cobb, Jennifer Goodwin

MSF: How did it come about that you reached out to Takai to have them host the event?

Latonia: These young ladies (pictured above) are my classmates–we are all Alumni graduates of Empire Dunwoody Cosmetology School. Jennifer is employed at Takai. While being serviced by Jennifer in late November/early December, we were discussing doing community services projects. I told her that I was forming a group for licensed beauty industry professionals to provide those services and she made the suggestion that she would ask the salon owner Mr. Dennis if we could use his salon to give mobile makeovers. Within a few weeks of that discussion, we had confirmation from Mr. Dennis to use his salon, and the planning process began between the stylists, Shannon Singleton and her organization (MSF), and Zaneta with PADV. Countless emails, scheduled conference calls, and phone calls culminated in the event’s success on Monday, February 23, 2015.

MSF: How do you feel this event impacted the volunteers?

Latonia: I felt that the event was life changing for the volunteers. Neither of us thought that something so simple as a relaxing shampoo, the stroke of the make-up brush, or the warmth of the water in the manicure bowl could be so impactful. One of the guests stated that it felt like “Christmas in February”. That statement alone made many of us teary eyed and led many of the volunteers to ask when the next event would occur. So we are now in the planning phase of other Mobile Makeovers Matter events. Our first community event planning brunch will be on Sunday, March 29, 2015 from 11:00-2:00 PM. Mary, one of the volunteers for Mobile Makeovers Matter, agreed to host the next event at her salon The Beauti Lounge at 515 Roswell Street, Marietta, GA 30062.

MSF: Is there any aspect of planning the event that you would like people to know?

Latonia: Mobile Makeovers Matter is the heartbeat of Stylists Between Worlds which was created as a volunteer network for Beauty Industry Professionals & Friends to share ideas about new and ongoing community services projects and opportunities. The mission of the group is to bridge the gap between the beauty industry and the homeless…thus creating Stylists Between Worlds.

The planning process was somewhat seamless, in that like-minded individuals with the same philosophies joined together to make the event possible. The question was asked, the mission explained, and the choices were made…pure and simple–no pressure, force, or compulsion.


MSF would like to thank everyone who played a part in making this a spectacular event!

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