2014 PADV Thanksgiving (Part 2)

MSF was able to hold Part 2 of its 2nd Annual Partners Against Domestic Violence (PADV) “What I’m Thankful For” event on Saturday, November 15th. This is the latter of 2 events held each year at PADV facilities. MSF provided inspirational calendars, planners, crossword puzzles and candy canes with positive messages to the women and children. New Mercies Christian Church donated money for the purchase of the food for the festivities. MSF members and volunteers cooked 4 types of baked chicken, long grain rice, mac & cheese, zucchini casserole, salad and corn bread muffins. To top it all off, homemade pecan pies and chocolate chip cookies were served for dessert!

When asked about participating in the event, MSF volunteer Jerome Vance stated, “This was a great event and I’m very happy to have been a part of it. It was inspiring to be among such wonderful women. Although they are going through a difficult period in their lives, they still found within themselves the spirit to make us all feel welcomed and to spend time talking and laughing with us. The kids were all fantastic! It was a beautiful thing to spend time with the kids and to see how involved they were with the crafts. A child’s smile is priceless and I’m thankful to have been a part of bringing a smile to their faces.”

MSF would like to thank everyone who gave their time, money and support to the event!


Jerome Vance (MSF Volunteer)

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