August 2014 Article

Turn Your Humanity Back On!

Everywhere I look, read, or go, I see unkind acts being projected by people on other people. I was reading a news article today on Facebook about two young men who high-jacked a car in Philadelphia, then lost control of the car and struck five people. Three of the victims died, all young siblings, while the other two were critically injured adults, one being the murdered childrens’ mother. If it’s not death from a stranger, we’re reading about children molested and murdered by family or friends, those who were charged with protecting them.

The web describes the definition of humanity as “the condition of being human; the quality or state of being kind to other people”. Unfortunately this definition is not being displayed by people on a daily basis. We are all here for a certain purpose and I believe that one of the main purposes is to be kind to each other. Please join me in selecting one or more “Acts of Kindness” to share with your community.

  1. prepare a meal for a homeless person
  2. smile 🙂
  3. call your mother to tell her you love her
  4. write a handwritten note
  5. knit a beanie or blanket for a homeless person
  6. put change in the washer/dryer for the next person
  7. fill an expired or about to expire parking meter
  8. leave some extra money in the vending machine
  9. buy a little extra grocery for the local food bank
  10. plant a tree
  11. send your favorite grade school teacher flowers
  12. write a thank you letter to your parents
  13. pay the toll for the person behind you
  14. tape a nice saying or thought to a bus window
  15. instead of just thinking it, compliment someone

To see the full list of 101 Random Acts of Kindness, click on the link below to see it on

Make someone’s day and spread humanity back into our world.
~ Deon