MSF Goes To Clemson

What’s the best way to get a teenager ready for college? Take them on a campus tour! MSF has sponsored its first high school student to visit a university. Remmy is a junior in high school whose dream is to attend Clemson University. She wants to major in Chemistry. Her and her aunt, Oretha, attended the Spring Blitz week at Clemson on April 11th in Clemson, South Carolina.


Remmy was very excited about the opportunity. “I feel the trip will clarify my questions about going to Clemson. I get to see the campus itself, the dorm rooms and meet the staff that will help me while I am attending college here. I will have an overall understanding of the university and how it works. Specifically the class room and dorm room areas. I’ve been waiting a long time to have the opportunity to see the college!”

Mrs. Oretha was just as eager to visit the university. “The visit has eased my mind about what type of environment Remmy will be in outside of being home. Clemson is away from the city and has a nice calm atmosphere. Seeing the students on campus lets me know Remmy will follow the right group. It’s also not that far from home which is a plus. I would like to thank MSF for having an interest in us and encouraging Remmy to pursue higher education. Because of the organization, we have become successful in visiting the campus which will help her to decide where to go to college.”

~ Shannon