November 2013 Article

Hello readers! My name is Kenneth. The monthly topic I want to discuss is relationships. This is not a rant about who is right or wrong, but rather what is wrong with today’s relationships. I have seen and heard many things about this particular topic and I want to share some things with you.

Too many of us hold on to secrets, not telling our partners until it is too late. I know some of you want to hold on to that special someone, but putting up walls won’t solve relationship problems. What you know about yourself should be known to your partner. I told as much as I could remember to my wife before we started dating. The idea was to clear the air so you won’t get that “Girl guess what he did or used to do” thing. Believe me when I say this, IT WILL COME UP. Parents, friends, even people who were in relationships with you can tell your partner things you wouldn’t think they would. Oh yea! If you think that if they don’t meet, your partner won’t hear is true, it’s not.

Tell your partner your day, in most new relationships it is essential, it helps to know if you are serious about the time you are putting in.

Don’t be selfish, I have seen good people become cheaters because of this. Do nice things not just in the beginning, but always, with many women even a phone call will suffice.

Listen to your partner, not just in conversation. If something comes up like “You seem distant!” then work on it because a relationship is work.

Above all else tell the truth, serious relationships thrive on it like fuel to an engine.

I am not saying my relationship is perfect but my experience with my wife and worldly observations let me know what I should do about my relationship. Next time you see an argument or hear about relationship problems take a cue. It might help with yours.

Thanks for reading
~ Kenneth