July 2013 Article

Your marriage can serve as your rock during the turbulence of tough times, but it can also become a casualty of those same storms. It is up to both partners to stay committed to the marriage and to ensure it survives every trial they face.

TwoOfUs.org has an excellent article entitled “Weathering Storms in Your Marriage”. In the article, they state “Marriage is more than an act of love—it is an act of will … If you are committed to seeing your marriage through tough times, you will need to summon all your strength.”

They also provide a great list of small things you can do every day to help your marriage remain strong and growing. Here are a few of the items:

  • Count your blessings—During times of conflict, it can be hard to remember what is good about your relationship; reminding yourself of your partner’s positive traits and the good times you have shared can help you keep a balanced perspective.
  • Stockpile forgiveness—You will both need it throughout the course of your marriage.
  • Don’t dig up old debris—Trust is not quickly rebuilt, but constantly digging up past wounds traps both you and your partner in old wreckage and diminishes your present happiness.
  • Call upon forces greater than yourself—People in life-threatening crises are not shy about asking for help, whether from a higher power, a support group or a trusted friend—people in marital crises shouldn’t be shy about calling upon these same sources of strength.
  • Take ownership of your actions—Acknowledge that your words and conduct can wound your spouse.

To read the entire article and see more ways to strengthen your marriage, visit the following link:


~ Linda