Every Day Giving

Last weekend several members of the Myles Singleton Foundation had the opportunity to visit a battered women’s shelter and deliver much needed supplies. The shelter was very grateful to receive such necessities as clothes, shoes, bedding, cleaning supplies, undergarments, and hygiene products.

The shelter is well maintained and obviously concerned with the safety and well-being of the women and children within its walls. The manager of the shelter is a young woman dedicated to helping these women and children restore their lives. She gave us a brief tour and answered all our questions.In the course of conversation, she let us know that there are many opportunities for not only donations, but for volunteer service as well—anything from cleaning the building, to sorting donations, to volunteering to answer the crisis hotline. For a list of current needs, visit padv.org

It was also mentioned that there is an influx of donations in the Spring and around Christmas, which is good, but what is really needed is a steady, year-round supply. This got me thinking about how often lately I’ve heard the phrase “random acts of kindness”. While I understand that this applies to choosing a random person to bless as they come before you, I think too many of us wait until a certain time of year to do this. What if our acts of kindness were daily, intentional, and less random? What if we woke each morning with the following prayer: “Lord, show me this day who You want me to bless, and I will do it.”

It could be as simple as looking our cashier in the eye and asking how they are, opening the door for a stranger, helping an elderly person reach something on a high shelf. It could be paying for the meal, gas, groceries of the person behind us in line. It could be a hug or a smile. It could be praying with someone in the moment they share their need.How many blessings have I missed because I was distracted, in a hurry, tired,or just unaware of my surroundings? I am challenging myself to live a life with less random acts of kindness, and more intentional acts of kindness. Every day,everywhere I go, there is someone in need of the love of the Lord, and I don’t want to miss them.

~ Micah