Angela The Angel

Through my business we meet a lot of different people from all walks of life and situations. One in particular is Angela Freeman. Angela is a long time customer of ours, and an entrepreneur and evangelist, who has recently been suffering from several difficult health issues. She started a clothing, jewelry and accessories store, but due to her condition she could no longer maintain her business. On a trip to visit Angela, I told her about the foundation, what we do, and how we are striving to give back and help those who have fallen on tough times. She commended us for having a giving spirit and immediately decided to be a blessing to others; she donated her entire left-over stock from her store to the Myles Singleton Foundation.

She instructed us to pick the items up at any time, so instead of just taking her donation, we decided to go as a group and reorganize her storage shed after we collected her wonderful gifts! Needless to say, Angela was thrilled about the whole idea, and so were we! There to help that day was Shannon, her two son’s Jaylen & Ty, myself, my daughter Deyja, and our nephew J.R.

Even though Angela has been through and is still going through a lot in her life, she wants to be a blessing to anyone in need as long as she breathes. The Myles-Singleton Foundation would like to thank Angela the Angel for her wonderful gift of giving. We sincerely appreciate all that you have done as your gifts will definitely help others in need.

~ Mrs. Deon L. Singleton-Rivera