Every Day Angels

As I was walking out of the battered women’s shelter, a car full of bags was backing up. It was so full the driver could only see directly in front and to the left. The man stepped out of the car and I introduced myself and offered to help carry in bags–He was going to need some help! He gladly accepted.

As we started unloading, he told me his name was Bill Stoltz and he works for Molly Maid (www.mollymaid.com). They are a cleaning service in Sandy Springs. Each Molly Maid across the US sponsors a battered women’s shelter. His branch sponsors the particular shelter I was visiting. Every month they collect donations and then he brings them to the shelter. He was so animated and joyful as he was explaining all of this that I couldn’t help but smile.

Some of the ladies from the shelter came out and helped as well. They were excited and grateful for the donations. It was so much that it filled up half of the office! Once all of the bags were inside, one of the women turned to me, smiled, and said softly, but gratefully, “Thank you”.

The experience left me with a sense of love and warmth. Not so much because of the donations that were given, but because of the genuine love and concern for the families there and the sincere thanks from them. Sometimes you don’t realize the continuous help and support that some people give to others. Not just for the holiday season, but all year around. They are what I call Every Day Angels.

~ Shannon Singleton