Donation to Women’s Shelter

I had the opportunity last week to deliver some much needed kitchen items and shoes to a battered women’s shelter in Georgia. The kitchenware will help the families be able to cook more. The dress shoes were a bit of a surprise (they didn’t know I was bringing them). The women will be very excited to have new shoes because they will go well with their job interview attire. The staff administrator on-duty was very thankful for the donation our foundation was able to provide.

We also sat down and talked. She explained how imperative it is for the shelters to keep clothing, food and everyday products such as soap, personals, etc. on-hand for the families. Sometimes not having these essential items discourages the women from staying. They feel it is better to go back to the abuse and at least have their basic needs met than to be in a shelter without them. MSF wants to make sure the families have everything they need to begin anew. Below are the items they are in need of:

  • Towels
  • Underwear (size 7 & up)
  • Large Bras
  • Scarves and Caps
  • Twin size bed sheets
  • Cleaning products (Lysol, Pine Soil, Clorox, etc.)
  • Maxi Pads
  • Paper Plates, Cups, Forks & Spoons
  • Canned Goods
  • Deodorant (for boys)
  • Panty Hose (all sizes)
  • Hair Products (Perms, grease, Pink Lotion, Leave in Conditioner, etc.)
  • Shoes (sizes 7 & up, but mainly size 12)

If you can help provide any of these items, please contact a member of the MSF staff by phone at (678)720-8959, by e-mail at or message us on our Facebook page

The foundation has more shoes (sizes 7 to 11) that will be donated to the shelter, but size 12s are still needed.

As always, Thank You!!

~ Shannon