Christmas has come and gone but the joy provided by all of our Elves will live on! MSF is happy to report that we were able to make Christmas a special, wonderful time for both families. We were also able to reach our goals for the female community members.

Our most recent donations were:

  • Coats, Dress Skirt Suit and a Poncho from Linda S.
  • A pair of Dress Shoes from Deon R.
  • A Sports Hoodie from Brent K.
  • Various Clothing items from Shannon P.
  • $20 from Alisa
  • $20 from Lynn

To see the full list of donations given to the families and community members, click over to their corresponding pages. We will have pictures up of the families’ gifts within the next couple of days.

As happy as we are to report our successes, we are still in need of supporters for the male community members. Will and Sergio are still $20 short of their care packages while David and Jason have not yet been sponsored at all. Please spare a dollar and help us to bring a little joy and comfort to those in need.