Christmast Spirit

We’ve Got Christmas Spirit! Yes, we do!
We’ve Got Christmas Spirit! How about you?

Sunday was a busy day for the foundation. Deon and Shannon spent the day visiting countless stores and standing in long, winding checkout lines to buy the perfect gifts for our sponsored families. While Shannon was busy being an MSF Elf, something unexpected and wonderful happened …

We were standing at the back of K-Mart by the Layaway section, waiting for someone to help us find a gift and I was mulling over the families’ wish lists. A woman waiting on her layaway package asked me, “Did your children make those wish lists for you?” I looked up in surprise because I hadn’t realized someone was watching me. Anyone who knows me, knows I gave her a detailed and excited description of the foundation and what we are trying to accomplish this Christmas season! She smiled and explained to me that a woman had walked into K-Mart a little while ago and gave her and two other shoppers $25 each. The only thing she asked was that the money be spent to spread Christmas cheer.

After explaining this, she reached into her purse with a big grin and gave me $7.75 and said “I think this is a really good way to finish spreading Christmas cheer with the rest of the $25 that was given to me!”

Needless to say I was floored by that simple gesture. The K-Mart associate we were waiting on chimed, “A lady was also here yesterday paying for anyone’s layaway who walked up!”

It’s amazing how God puts you in the right place at the right time to spread a little love. Thanks to the anonymous giver and to Ginger Hendrix for sharing your cheer with MSF!