Christmas is getting closer with each new day but there is still time to give and be in the running for Top Elf!

We have 6 Family Members still awaiting sponsoring and 4 Community Members. Every dollar helps us to move closer to our goal of providing Christmas joy to those who would otherwise not have any. One simple way you can help is by saving up the loose change you receive when you’re out and about buying your tree trimming supplies, your Christmas feast yummies, and your stocking stuffers. Take that amount you’ve collected and donate it to MSF. It really can be that simple and easy. For those living near our MSF team members, we can give you a location to drop off the donation. For those living further away, we have a P.O. Box ready and waiting.

Thank you to Jesse A. for donating $25.00 today!

Keep those donations rolling in!! And remember that every single dollar helps!