MSF is Online!

We have several new and exciting updates today!

1) Our website is up and running! It will be updated a few times a day as new information comes in to us.

2) We are already receiving names of families and community members who need our help.

3) We have received 3 donations and 2 pledges of a monetary donation for our Community Members.

  • Linda S. donated $21
  • Gabriel S. donated $21
  • Shannon S. donated $21
  • Shannon P. pledged $21
  • Deon R. pledged $42

4) Two new community members have requested our assistance. Will and Sergio are requesting help purchasing winter apparel. Monetary donations are being accepted. Please contact MSF to pledge your help.

5) We’ll soon have pictures and letters from some of our thankful community members! Also, if you would like to give positive words of encouragement, MSF is accepting handwritten letters, which will be mailed to the community members. Write your letter and provide it to a MSF Administrator. If you are not located near one, mail the letter to MSF at P.O. Box 1418 – Winder, GA 30680.

6) D&W Auto has agreed to provide a free oil change with tire rotation and balance to whomever wins Top Elf by donating the most this holiday season!! Be sure to read the details in the Top Elf post to come later this morning!

7) We have three ways for you to contact us.

The first is my sending an email to:

The second is by mail:
P.O. Box 1418 – Winder, GA 30680.

The third is by phone:
(678) 720-8959.

We look forward to hearing from you and having your help this holiday season!